Montauk Monster sighting at Long Beach – Ridiculous surfing sh!t hits the New York Times


The collective surfing world upchucked today as The New York Times “Style” magazine shows weird and ridiculous pairings of Dolce & Gabana, dead animals and “Hey let’s throw some surfboards in there – man we’re so hip.”

Yes, you can just picture some editor at the Times in black rimmed glasses with a self-congratulatory smile. Ugh. The results are reminiscent of the Montauk Monster sightings earlier this year (but with more fur, I guess, and a sh!t eating grin.)

The truth is that no real surfer would be caught dead wearing dead animal crap, and certainly not for a photo shoot at a local surfing break where other surfers are going to laugh at you (and worse) the next time they see you. And not let you have any waves.

This particular beast of a shoot stands in marked contrast to the New York Times photographer who was at Rockaway Beach last weekend, local surfers report, shooting images of actual! surfers! surfing! waves! for a real story about surfing in the cold waters of New York.

The surfers at are definitely not stoked.

You can see the rest of this ridiculous mix of surfing and consumerism, here.

[Editor’s Note: That sound you hear in the background is the wail of the ocean friends of the seals, penguins and other sea critters that made up this D&G thing.]


3 thoughts on “Montauk Monster sighting at Long Beach – Ridiculous surfing sh!t hits the New York Times

  1. Lawrence Jamison

    Ronky The Monster Of Lake Ronkonkoma New York

    It was a Sunday in the Summer of 2009 when I first saw Ronky with my own eyes. I had heard stories of Ronky here and there, They had come to me in Whispers really.The History of Ronky has been a well kept secret for Hundreds maybe Thousands of years. I had spent weeks watching this lake in Lake Ronkonkoma on Long Island in New York State. This day I was driving around going past one of the many Parks and Beaches around the lake. While I was going North on Lake Shore Road I saw something in the water out of the corner of my eye, but after weeks of watching this lake I thought it was just someone out on another blow up raft and didn’t really think much of it !

    As I was passing the Dinning Hall “Windows on the Lake” there is an opening where Guests can get a good look at the lake. I looked over and I saw what I had though to be a raft a few seconds before was the creature. I though to myself this could just be another hoax! After years of searches and hunts leading to nothing but dead ends I was not going to get my hopes up too fast. I slowed down and watched as the Creature swam around the lake enjoying itself! I was a little scared but at the same time I could not stop myself from smiling thinking this was really it!

    I drove around the lake following along with “Ronky” at some point I pulled into a parking lot and walked onto one of the beaches. I slowly got my Camera out fearing as soon as I went to take the picture the creature would disappear. I snapped a shot, checked it in the review mode of the Camera and I could not believe I had captured a perfect shot of the Creature that no one could dispute the authenticity of ! When I looked back at the Lake Ronky was gone.

    Over the next few days I carefully started asking the locals in the area if they had ever seen something weird in the Lake? It seems that to everyone in Lake Ronkonkoma Ronky is well known. He is not a myth or urban legend here. He is just another Member of the Village! I have been told there are two Differences between Nessie in Scotland’s Loch ness and Ronky in New York’s Lake Ronkonkoma. One Ronky is real and Two Ronky is protected by the Locals and his name is not defiled for tourist money.

    There are many stories of Ronky that go back Hundreds of years. The one I found most interesting was a story that happened about 15 years ago. It seems there was an expedition sent to look into and map the depths and some underwater streams under Lake Ronkonkoma. This expedition never happened. The Official Story given was the expedition ran out of Money and was going to come back when they got more funds. I was told by an old time resident that wishes her Identity to remain a secret that the real story is a group called the “Keepers of the Lake” told the expiation in no uncertain terms it would be in their best interested for them to leave and not come back!!!

    The people of Lake Ronkonkoma have kept this Monster Ronky loved and Protected for many years! I respect and sympathize with them,but I have spent my adult life and most of my families fortune searching for a creature like Ronky.This is my job and I must share this with the world. I have received many threats not to print this story! I have set it here to go out to the news if I do not reset the settings at least once a week. If you are reading this there is a good chance something has happen to me. Please do not let what I have spent my life hunting for go unheard of ! Ronky is there in that Lake!

    Lawrence Jamison


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