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Trails Surf Spot San Diego CA

Sometimes you just gotta get away. Easier said than done in Southern California, but thanks to a state park and nature preserve butting right up against Camp Pendleton's northern border, you can escape it all when you need to. While Trestles and San-O will pretty much guarantee you quality waves depending on your board fancy, head on down to Trails to adios the crowds. Exit Basilone and cruise south ‘till you hit the park entrance. Pay your dues or flash your Parks Pass, then explore the various trails that lead down to the beach. More beach breaky and generally fickle, but on the right combo swell some of those spots can turn on. If you're tired of competing for waves everywhere else and solace sounds more your speed, give it a look. Beware of the reckless road bikers who tend to wiz by along the access road and if you're camping, enjoy the frequent train noises that'll remind you where you are throughout the night.

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