Massachusetts: NAUSET (OUTER BEACH)

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Hands down one of the most amazing places and epic experiences on earth if you can get out there. To do so you need 4-wheel drive and an off-road permit, which you can get through the town of Orleans (around $180 for the year if you're not a Chatham/Orleans resident). Otherwise you'll be hitch hiking out there; not the worst thing in the world if you can find someone with room for your boards. The ride through the dunes is an experience in itself, which I really can't put into words. Miles of fun breaks to check depending on the tides, sandbars and which cuts (paths through the dunes) are working. Bring your fishing gear, cooler, and plan on spending the day (or weekend if you set up to camp). If there's any kind of swell with east in it and a nice southwest wind one of the cuts is bound to be working. Have fun, enjoy the party, pickup your trash and do your best not to look like a seal. Local knowledge: bring some dryer sheets and wipe them on your skin to ward off the green flies if they're in season. It'll keep you from being a welt covered mess out at the bar later, though a few beers do seem to work as well as any antihistamine if you're bit. Oh ya… & PHUK plovers!  photo: CapeCodSoul

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