Surfboard from the 60s comes with chainsaw


We recently attended the California Surf Film Festival, benefiting the California Surfing Museum in Oceanside, where, as luck would have it, the museum was opened for attendees. There, we spotted the ginormous beast of a surfboard, pictured here. A company called the Jet Board Corporation created a motorized surfboard made of aircraft aluminum. (That’s powerful stuff!) The creator, Alfred Bloomingdale, was said to have a distaste for paddling. Apparently, the engine was made from a chain saw engine. Over 600 motorized surfboards were made. Cool stuff!

3 thoughts on “Surfboard from the 60s comes with chainsaw

  1. Hotcurl

    There was a guy on the news tonight that had a board with two small impellers like on a jet ski run by electricity. He was out at the Cliffs.

  2. balinwire

    I owned one of these in 1973, I could not figure it out as it had a fire ex and the motor was unfamilar and it was kinda of heavy, like a dumb youth I gave it away, it was blue like this one, I always missed it.

  3. matt johnson

    I just scored one of these…COMPLETE, and undamaged!! I bought it for $50!! It was found during a foreclosure property cleanout. Was thinking about going through motor and repaint to original. As a surfer myself, Im totally stoked. Finding little information about this thing, and wonder what it is worth. I never plan on selling it, but want to keep it as a total historic relic.
    I appreciate any and all info!


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