Surfrider condoms come cheap!


$1.36 for an eight-pack ain’t bad! Then again they’re hand-me-downs, but maybe you’re the one that used them? F#ckin’ litter bug, pick up your trash! The Surfrider Foundation put together an ad campaign called “Catch of the Day” packaging various waste products commonly found on our beaches, which was recently profiled on They wanted to package the shit, and then display it neatly next to the normal seafood items at markets. Pretty awesome really, but what grocery store is going to display vacuum sealed used condoms next to the Alaskan King Crab? “Yeah let me get a dozen crab legs, and some of that seafood flavored chewing gum.”

That’s funny, because I once told my Grandma the condom in my wallet was chewing gum. This was back in Jr high when kids did stupid shit like carry around condoms when they know damn well they’ll never use them.

You can see other Surfrider packaged garbage by clicking here.

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