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The Aloha Bean is on It’s Way to Winner BigKahunaBoy…This is Why You Should Join the Stoke Community!!


BigKahunaBoy, look whats on it way to you…..

For those of you that don’t know, BigKahunaBoy of GA is yet another Stoke Community member that won a free surfboard.

This time its a Aloha Bean, a ridiculously sick top-of-the-line surfboard from our friends at Global Surf Industries.

It’s a $500+ value, and BigKahuna gets it for free in our giveaway!!

Dailystoke is the best surf site on the ‘net for giveaways, with 3 board giveaways in the last few months — and more lined up.

So join our community and remember — we like members like BigKahunaBoy that are active in our community and on our site — so post a comment, submit or check into a spot, or friend some hot wahine in our community — and maybe an Aloha Bean will show up on your doorstep.

BigKahunaBoy tells us he is stoked, and will be taking pictures and videos of the board — and will also write a short review of what he thinks of the board.

Stay tuned — more sick giveaways are coming.

The ‘stoke.com

The #1 site for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)


Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: Just 1 Week Left – Enter to Win!









Just one week left until we giveaway the Aloha Bean Surfboard to one luck Stoke Community member.

This board ain’t for kooks, its a high performance shred stick so be sure you can handle it.

Hit up dailystoke.com and enter to win today!

Dailystoke.com – the #1 site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)