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Surf is up, School is in at Rincon Surf School


Rincon Surf School 2Rincon Surf School (RSS) is the best place to learn to surf in the Caribbean. There, I said it. If you are already an experienced surfer and want to know where to find the best breaks in Rincon on any given day, you’ve come to the right place. Owners and instructors of Rincon Surf School, including Travis Moore, Whit Arnold, Brett Scaccia, Lucas Moore, Ben Montes, Brian Morse, and crew drop knowledge on all thrill seekers that come to this surf mecca. These guys have logged so many hours in the water, if you wrung them out you could fill Dallas Stadium. First opening its doors in 1999, Rincon Surf School is the oldest surf school in Rincon. Since then, they’ve expanded the number of instructors, boards, and vans, and added advanced guiding tours to the mix. Their photography offering is also on point, evidenced below.


In terms of reliable conditions, the geography of Rincon has a lot going for it. Since the area is a small peninsula jutting outward from the western coast of Puerto Rico, there are ample surfing spots on both the north and south side of the land mass. You may already be familiar with names like Domes, Indicators, Maria’s and Tres Palmas. Other surf breaks within walking distance include Pools, Parking Lots, Dogman Point and Sandy Beach. If the south or southeast winds are wafting, then the north side spots can be surfed. If the north, northeast, or east winds are prominent, then the south side spots can be surfed. Unless the wind direction is west, which is rare, there is almost always a solid wave to be had. The variety and consistency of waves in Rincon is virtually unmatched in the Caribbean, with no land masses in sight to block weather systems coming in from the North Atlantic. Despite the fact that surfers have been coming to this region since the World Surfing Championship was held here in 1968, the breaks never seem to get too crowded. There are simply a lot of places to surf, which spreads things out.


What else is good about visiting Rincon? Well, the place fosters major relaxation. You can fly into Aguadilla airport on JetBlue, bypassing any semblance of a major city. No passport is needed for U.S. citizens. 35 minutes on decent roads and you will be on the beach with surfboard in-hand. The cost of hotels and food is reasonable compared to other islands in the vicinity with most hotels in the $100-250 range. You won’t see Kardashians canoodling here, which is a good thing. What you will find is a great surf culture and camaraderie. If you’re a foodie, ask a local to point you to Ode to the Elephants secret Thai spot. There are plenty of fun bars and pools to try (Tamboo Tavern, Kahuna Burger Bar, Rum Shack Poolside Bar at Lazy Parrot, Pool Bar Sushi, Calypso Bar and Grill, etc.) Even if you’re too tired from surfing all day, these places should get your dander up, among other things. Needless to say, the nightlife is pretty solid. DSC_8945

Getting back to subject, Rincon Surf School is definitely worth calling if you’re planning a trip to the island. Even if you just need a board rental and some good directions on what’s going off any given day, it is worth going to the experts. If you’re going for instruction, perhaps the best part is that Travis and crew work hard to create the experience that you want. After getting a read on your ability and what you want to accomplish, they’ll help choose the best days to take lessons factoring in the ocean’s swell at the time. Once you get to the beach, if the waves aren’t right they pack up the vans and take you to a better spot. Again, these guys pride themselves on helping you have the best time possible and work hard at it. They are also good at keeping people safe, in case you are thinking about bringing someone to try surfing for the first time. If you are coming to Puerto Rico to experience double overhead waves, they are helpful to have around and will get your back in case of the unexpected. Ultimately, it comes down to having fun on any surf trip and the Rincon Surf School definitely makes it happen. Give them a shot, you’ll be stoked, and mention our site to receive free high-fives from any member of RSS staff.

Rincon Surf School is located in a house up the hill from Casa Islena, at 4.4 Barrio Puntas in Rincon, PR. Visit them at their website http://www.rinconsurfschool.com or call 1-877-793-SURF, which is toll free from the U.S. Check out Casa Verde Hotel for lodging. They often run package deals together.


PR Surf Vacation Giveaway!! El Conquistador Hotel Review


Dailystoke is running one of its best giveaways to date…a 3 day surf vacation in Puerto Rico!


The giveaway includes a 3-day, 2 night stay at the undisputed best hotel on the island of Puerto Rico, where you can hit up the local surf spots when you’re not at the hotel having the time of your life.

El Conquistador Hotel Review

The El Conquistador hotel is located on the east end of Puerto Rico in Fajardo, about an hour’s drive from San Juan.  The hotel is a 5-star hotel and is a Waldorf Astoria hotel.  The hotel just had a multi-million dollar renovation.  You should surf while you’re there but there is plenty to keep you busy — you really never have to leave the hotel.  The hotel’s amazing features:

  •  It has its own private island!  The hotel is set on a 300-foot cliff above the ocean, so there is no beach — just a marina at the bottom of the cliff.  So what do you do, you buy your own island of course!  Hotel guests get to take a catamaran to the uninhabited Palomino where you have the entire place to yourself.  The 100-acre island has pristine white beaches, activities like snorkeling, a private hiking trail, and on the right day you could even try to catch some surf.

Coqui Water Park: this park is brand-new, part of the hotel’s multi-million dollar renovation.  The park is set up against the beach at the bottom of the cliff.  It’s quite an experience to sit in the zero-edge pool up against the ocean and just chill.  If you want some action, they have high speed water slide for adults which has a 30-40foot drop and give you some nice g-forces on the way down.  They also 2 regular waterslides — one is designed to be used with a raft and the other you just jump in and go down.  There is also a very cool lazy river — you just grab a raft at one of the many entry sections and float around.  The river is surrounded by some beautiful plants and on the backside ride along the forest — its a pretty peaceful and relaxing experience — until you roll along and have to go thru a couple of the waterfalls.  The river is designed perfectly with a good amount of shade and the waterfalls to keep you cooled off if its really hot.  The Coqui water park is usually an extra charge for hotel guests — but don’t worry the ‘stoke got those passes included in the giveaway!

  • Other Hotel Features: the hotel also has a casino, a pristine 18-hole championship golf course, a bunch of stores, restaurants and cafes, a spa, and a huge pool in the center of the hotel.
  • Activities Nearby:
    • En Yunque Rainforest:  A huge rainforest about 30mins drive from the hotel.  Check the weather because when it rains it ain’t no fun (trust us).  The rainforest has hiking trails for all abilities, places to eat and drink, and various waterfalls to cool off.  Rainforest info click here
    • Bioluminescent Bay:  If you’ve never heard of this, you’re in for an experience.  The plankton in the water light up at night, and you can take a kayak and ride right thru this lighted beach.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Just a few minutes drive from the hotel:  Bio Bay Tours click here

      El Yunque Rainforest source: travel.ezinemark.com



Nearby Surf Spots:
La Selva and La Pared: Both surf spots are located in Luqillo, just northwest of the El Conquistador hotel in Fajardo.  La Selva is a little tricky to find because you can only access it on foot — and its a long walk — but worth it.  You have to trek down a dirt path and across a farmland to get there.  But when you get there its worth the walk — an empty pristine beach with good waves and no commcercial activity.  Just pack a lunch and some water — and enjoy the adventure and the surf.  The surf feels better after the hike!

We found some good info on La Pared and La Selva on mydestination.com, which has a good explanation on how to access La Selva:

La Selva Barrels

La Selva Surf Spot: While the northwestern coast of Puerto Rico is the well-known surfer hangout of the island, La Selva is one of the spots that truly shines in the northeast.  It is about 4-km walk across the beach from La Pared, which so happens to be one of the top surfing beaches in Puerto Rico for beginners. Literally meaning “The Jungle” in Spanish, La Selva is a hidden spot that is essentially empty during the week with just a few surfers over the weekend.

Why it’s popular:  Surfers say that just getting there is part of the adrenalin kick. Why? La Selva can only be reached by walking about 4 km from La Pared, then going down a narrow dirt road that eventually meets a barb-wire fence, which you have to jump. With no hotels, no neighborhoods, and only kilometer after kilometer of sand and ocean, the beauty of this palm-fringed spot will also take your breath away.

The Path to La Selva - Adventure Time!

How to get there:  Enter Luqillo from Interstate PR-3, then right by the intersection of Rt 3 and PR-992 you’ll find La Pared (take Cll A until you see it toward the coast). From there, it will take you about 45 minutes to walk to La Selva with your board across the sand. You know you are in the right place if you feel like you’re by a farm, with cattle around. The locals warn to watch for the cows on your way!

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photo credits: dpphotographer.co.uk (right) and surfline.com (above)

Rip Curl Pro Search heading to the Caribbean


You read it right. The 2010 Rip Curl Pro Search is heading for an island near you!

We know the region, but where exactly will the event be held? We’ll just have to play a little wait and see.

While the Caribbean plays host to a variety of islands and land masses, my money is on Barbados. It’s ultra laid back, easy to get around, English speaking and most importantly, has a number of world class waves that are among the most consistent surf spots within a few thousand miles. Soup Bowls always has something going on, and even Kelly Slater calls it a personal favorite and one of the best waves in the world.

Puerto Rico is my fallback, but given the October 30th to November 10th timeline, I’m really thinking Barbados is the spot. Come on Rip Curl… show the Bajans the love they deserve.

Are you feeling the Bajan vibe?