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Don’t wiggle your toes! Another shark attack in Florida.


The interesting bit (no pun intended) about this shark attack is that this surfer was bitten on the foot, and may have lost a few toes. This makes you wonder: did this victim wiggle his toes? If he didn’t, would his phalanges down low be spared? Maybe he had a toe ring? Who knows? I heard that sharks like to “test” their prey before going for the kill – maybe that’s what it was. Or maybe it just wanted to play footsies.

If you live in Sydney, quit surfing now


Are you a Sydney surfer looking for a good reason to quit surfing? Are you surf-curious in Sydney and thinking about giving surfing a go? If so, check out the above video for a reminder of what’s lurking out there below the surface.

Granted, there are sharks near enough to every shoreline in the world, but we’re not usually seeing them from the vantage point that shows just how close they get to us while we’re out there in the water. Many of us have seen them, all of us have thought we have seen them at one time or another, and an unfortunate few of us have been attacked by them, but none of us like to think that they could be swimming circles around us and below us while out for a surf. We’re definitely not the kings and queens of the aquatic domain.

Be sure to show this to the next future-kook who tells you that they want to get into the surfboarding thing. Enjoy… and keep your eyes open out there.

Thousands of sharks shut down Florida beaches


Holy, shit! See all those black spots? Those are sharks, and there are about a thousand of them making their annual migration south. Beaches in South Florida had to be shut down as hundreds of sharks made their way through the surf while the rest of the pack hunted off shore. They put on quite a show for the beach-goers and lifeguards. You can watch the insane news clip by clicking here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. What the hell is going on with all the sharks lately?!?! Are we living in some kind of post-apocalyptic war time, and nuclear-bred sharks are going to take over the world? Does anybody remember that Simpsons episode where all the dolphins took over the land, and forced humans to live in the ocean? Does anybody remember how Homer won that war? We might need it…

Sharks have Wimpy Bites – Study says


sharks have wimpy bitesA new study from Florida, the shark attack capital of the world, etc. with approximately one shark attack per hour at New Smyrna Beach blah blah, indicates that “sharks have wimpy bites” or so screams the headline from Reuters. Said the study’s leader, Daniel Huber, of the University of Tampa in Florida: “Pound for pound, sharks don’t bite all that hard.”

We call bullsh!t.

Interview with ‘Wave Warrior’ Mark Visser


It’s always interesting to see a surfing hellman plucked from the ocean, plopped into a news room, and asked questions from people wearing suits. Here’s big wave ‘warrior’ Mark Visser trying to relate, talking about surfing ‘Dungeons’ in South Africa…with sharks.

Did You See Any Sharks This August?


Well what do you know –August passed, and San Francisco and Marin were full of shark sightings. For the average resident or tourist, a summer shark sighting may be a tragedy; calling halts to all summer-rentals, tours, and outings. However, for the avid surfer of Marin waters a shark sighting in August is what we on “the in” like to call the norm.

If it seems like Marin and San Francisco have shark sightings EVERY August you may be correct. As the surface water warms in the summer months (typically late August), a plethora of plankton and fish conglomerate to the area. Due to this, other sea mammals come in to feed – in turn the sharks follow their prevalent prey. Although true Marin surfers will say that most sightings occur in August because there are more beach-goers looking to spot them, researchers state that the population of Red Triangle sharks drops one-tenth in the cooler months – thus, there really are more sharks in NorCal in August. So if you’re really freaked out about sharks, just remember that your odds of getting hit by one just dropped by ten percent, because August came and went already. You’re welcome.

Note: The Red Triangle is a coastal region of NorCal consisting of the waters between Bodega Bay, San Francisco, and the Farallon Islands – ummm…sharks live here.

Sharks and Surfing


Yeah so I was out surfing somewhere near LA a while back. The waves weren’t exactly firing, but I had gotten up for dawn patrol to get some nice glass. I walk about a foot into the water, look down, and in front of me – about 3 feet long is a shark. No doubt about it. Now, I was kind of freaked out but not totally freaked out, but this was my first experience with a real shark.

I had heard that there were sharks in the area. I get back home after a so-so session, and get on wikipedia. So this shark is called a leopard shark, and totally harmless. Poodle-like really. But seeing the fin was enough.