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SUP Magazine finds its place in the world


Sometimes a photo comes along that just sorta makes sense. The rollerbladers of the seas are always an easy target. When celebrities and the elderly have taken to doing it in lakes and community center pools, any remaining iota of cool that SUP-ing retained is now lost. Sure, you can argue about Laird and others who do it at Waimea and Teahupoo. While I can respect their insanity talent, rollerblading in a halfpipe never made it any cooler.

Standup Paddle Magazine launches: surfers everywhere puke a little


Yep. It’s true. As announced over at SurfersVillage.com, the surfing world has put out another magazine for us self respecting surfers not to buy. Standup Paddle Magazine launched it’s virgin issue this month, ushering in a whole new error of anti-cool. While surfers the world over puke and laugh with disgust, we have an as of yet unconfirmed account of Chris Cote slitting his wrists.

Apparently, the first issue will focus on standup paddle surfing, how to stand prone, how to select a paddle, interior design, floral arrangements and rollerblading with the fellas. It will be a photo spectacular for you to ooh and ah at while waiting for your nails to dry at the salon.

Water Magazine, Drift and Longboard Magazine went under, yet this craptastic magazine get’s launched? Who the hell is advertising in this thing? Are they unaware that they have paid good hard advertising dollars to be showcased alongside a few sea sweepers? What’s next? Webbed Glove Surfing Magazine?

See below for photos from the maiden issue. Enjoy!

Dooooooowntime for WCT Tour Surfers


What to do, what to do…Surfers like to fish, and surfers in Florida have more than enough of time to hunt gills while they wait for some waves to show up. The Hobgood twins recently got their hands on one of these paddle board, fishing vessel-type things, and from the looks of things they’re putting it to use. Or it’s just a photo opp for the website, and you can check that out by clicking here. The Flatstalker looks pretty worthless to me, and you’re going to need some basic balancing skills to keep yourself from tumbling overboard. Three beers with a fish on, and you’re getting wet.

Check out the dude awkwardly trying to multitask catching a fish and not falling in:

SUP is the end of the surfing world


Thankfully, you don’t see much in the way of Standup Paddle Surfing Boarding in my neck of the woods. I think it’s the fact that the, uh, surfboards are so big and not easy to move around – you pretty much have to live right at the beach to surf use it. This picture is from Maui or something like that. I still don’t understand why they wear leashes.