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Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: 12 Hours Left!


12 hours left on our best giveaway yet!!

Enter to win today at dailystoke.com

Hint: we like members that are active on our site so like us on facebook, add a spot, or post a comment — do something

This is a 6’6″ board that is professional level top-of-the-line quality, so you better have some game if you win…

What lucky stoke member gets it??

Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: Just 1 Week Left – Enter to Win!









Just one week left until we giveaway the Aloha Bean Surfboard to one luck Stoke Community member.

This board ain’t for kooks, its a high performance shred stick so be sure you can handle it.

Hit up dailystoke.com and enter to win today!

Dailystoke.com – the #1 site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told)

Aloha Bean Surfboard Giveaway: Kooks Need Not Apply!


Do you want this sweet shred sick?  Would you like to win it for FREE?!?!

Well, the ‘stoke.com answers the call.

We’re giving away an Aloha Bean right now.  Go to dailystoke.com and enter to win.

Want to improve your chances of winning?  Like us on facebook and submit a spot to our new Surf Spot Community.


And the Winner is….(Surfboard Giveaway)…!!!!


Stoke community member…

WESPEZ of Georgia

Dude, you won a sweet Meyerhoffer Pill surfboard!!


You just need to promise to tell us what you think of the board (writeup a review), and send in some videos so all the others in the community get to see how this thing surfs.

Check back for more great giveaways on the ‘stoke.com


Surfboard Giveaway 1 Day Left! Who Will Win?


photo credit: universal studios

Ohhh Yeahh!  Just 1 day left on our Surfboard Giveaway!  Enter to win and do whatever you want with it – you can even just sit on it and look cool like this guy.

What lucky stoke community member will win?  (hint: we like members that are active on our site, and some members have submitted surf spots to our new surf spot community…good job maybe you’ll win).

Don’t be a loser, enter to win the super sweet Meyerhoffer Pill today!

Surfboard Giveaway! Even Kooks Can Win


Dailystoke.com is the leading site on the ‘net for surf gear giveaways (or so we’ve been told).

We’re giving away a ridiculously beautiful Meyerhoffer Pill surfboard by one of the most progressive shapers on the planet today.  Its a $500 value…and you can get it for free!  Go here to ENTER TO WIN today.

Check out the video below to hear the man himself describe the boards features.  Its a fish that has been slimmed down, it has a thinner nose and shorter and thicker so you can catch more waves.


Surfboard Giveaway!! 6’2″ Meyerhoffer Pill


How stoked would you be to win a free Meyerhoffer surfboard?  Stoked.   This sucker retails for $565 and we’re giving one away to a lucky stoke community member.  So go to dailystoke.com now and enter to win our surfboard giveaway.  All you have to do is like us on facebook here.  If you really want it, submit a surf spot to our new spot community here.

The Meyerhoffer Pill is short and wide and stripped down, it’s the best of both fish and performance.  Thomas has taken a lot of volume out of the board making it into a performance board, still leaving enough under the chest for ease of paddling and entry speed.  The rear of the board has a pronounced pivot point with a pulled it tail which gives you both the speed down the line and the ability to go as vertical as you would only expect from a performance board. The high performance rails and concave bottom contours are specifically designed to give you plenty of speed through your turns as well as carrying you over flat sections. The Pill can be ridden as either a quad or tri fin set up.

Surfboard Giveaway: Post A Comment Tell us Why You Should Win!


Just 1 week left on our Seaglass Tuna 6’2″ Surfboard giveaway, sponsored by Global Surf Industries.

Help us choose the winner: post a comment below and tell us why you deserve to win.  We have alot of entries and need some help deciding!!

If you haven’t entered to win yet, get on it, go to our Contest Page and sign up now.  If you’ve already entered, post a comment below and let us know you can handle this finless beast and why you deserve it!