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5 College Majors For The Surf Minded Student


As my collegiate career is coming into the home stretch, I find more people asking me what I’m going to do when I leave the four year day dream that college is. This got me questioning myself, how am I going to function before 11am? I can’t keep my Monday-Thursday schedule? For those of you just starting the best four years of life, or you fifth year super seniors looking to switch up your major again , below is a list of five majors that could land you a job in the surf industry.


  1. Business

This one is an obvious choice; whether you decide to crunch numbers about board short sales, or deal with your employees bailing on work to catch a few waves, a business degree will have you covered. Business is usually a pretty large department depending on the university, resulting in some lectures having upwards of 75 students. If you are adamant about attending class and getting to know your professors, this can be a bitch. On the flip side, since classes are so big, no one will notice when you decide to get a quick session in instead of going to class.

You'll have a couple day dreams that look like this during those boring accounting lectures.

You’ll have a couple day dreams that look like this during those boring accounting lectures.

  1. Marketing

Lets be real, the surf industry is almost entirely based on marketing. We buy there stuff because it looks cool, its lightweight, its got NASA rocket technology to help you boost airs to mars, whatever crap they say to sell their product. A marketing degree most likely would fall into the same department as business, but less accounting, business law, and other classes that’ll cause you to have a mid life crisis at 21. Plus, you can take advantage of the large class sizes to get in some extra time to clear your mind in the ocean and come up with the next great marketing campaign.

It wouldn't be a bad day at work coming up with an ad like this.

It wouldn’t be a bad day at work coming up with an ad like this.

  1. Computer Science

This one might come as a surprise, but think about how often you watch surf videos, read surf articles, check the surf forecast. Someone needs to know how to make the interweb work. Being able to design, fix and maintain websites is crucial for any surf company. I’m sure they would rather hire someone with some surf knowledge than the average computer nerd.

It'd be super boring if you weren't creating an app dedicated to surfing.

It’d be super boring if you weren’t creating an app dedicated to surfing.


  1. Hospitality/ Tourism Management

I don’t know any surfer that wouldn’t want to work for a surf resort. Hell, i’m sure some of us would work for free as long as we got food, shelter, and to surf our brains out. A degree in tourism management would give you the skills  you need to run a surf resort. You’re, literally working with people who are on vacation all the time, there shouldn’t be to much to stress about as as long as none of their stuff gets stolen, and no one gets seriously injured.

Who would complain on something like this.

Who would complain on something like this.

  1. Any other major

If you’re being realistic, its not what you know, its who you know. Major in dance, art history, whatever you want. Just make sure you network and create a couple important relationships that can hook you up with something to cover all that financial aid money you spent on booze.


Surfing Sexism Overshadows Talent



Image via: http://sweatforit.com/fit-girls/surfer-girl-alana-blanchard/

Alana Blanchard.
Photo URL: http://sweatforit.com/fit-girls/surfer-girl-alana-blanchard/


Have you ever heard of Alana Blanchard? What comes to mind when you think of her? Howbout Anastasia Ashley? Be honest guys. How many thought “dat a*s” before carves or hacks?


On the flip side, have you ever heard of Silvana Lima? If you have, chances are your impression of her is “the fiery little Brazilian who throws those crazy airs!”

Photo URL: http://www.zigzag.co.za/news/contest/bianca-interferes-rio-womens-pro-day-2/

Silvana Lima.
Photo URL: http://www.zigzag.co.za/news/contest/bianca-interferes-rio-womens-pro-day-2/


Here is the sobering reality of women’s professional surfing: bums sell better than barrels.

Yes, I know the athletes are 80% naked while performing, but surf magazines shouldn’t be comparable to a Playboy. First and foremost, surfing is a sport and an art – and it deserves to be respected as such. The women’s surf industry, in particular, has faded from its roots. It’s now watered with profits generated by selling its athletes’ sexuality.

Don’t get me wrong! Silvana is a mulher bonita! During her career and her post-injury comeback, however, she has never put herself out there in a way that allowed sex appeal to overshadow her skill. The girl just wants to be the best surfer in the world and bring the title to Brazil (and bust an air or two over your head in the process). She is currently sitting comfortably on top of the QS this year with 25 heat wins – and she’s doing all this without sponsorship (anymore).


Take a look at Dimity Stoyle (11th/10 heat wins) and Johanne Defay (8th/13 heat wins). Both of these ladies absolutely rip and have been performing well despite their lack of major sponsorship. These ladies scrap to travel from one event to the next in order to compete professionally in the sport they are passionate about.

Johanne Defay.

Johanne Defay.
Photo URL: http://ist2011.over-blog.com/article-interview-johanne-defay-3eme-au-world-junior-2009-86862370.html

Dimity Stoyle. Photo via: http://www.tracksmag.com/dimity-stoyle-five-feet-high-and-rising/

Dimity Stoyle.
Photo URL: http://www.tracksmag.com/dimity-stoyle-five-feet-high-and-rising/


Meanwhile, Blanchard (17th) has not won a SINGLE HEAT this ENTIRE YEAR. Judging by some of her post-heat interviews, she doesn’t really seem to care either. Rip Curl continues to back her with ringing endorsement and modeling gigs, throwing money her direction so she can travel the globe. Why SHOULD she care?

Yes, I know, Blanchard can actually surf alright. But it’s tough to look up to her or even take her seriously. You have to ask yourself, did she win the 2013 Surfer Poll because she charges (she was ranked 11th at the time)? Or did she win it because of sex-appeal publicity? Does she deserve to be held up to the likes or Rochelle Ballard (2000-2002), Lynne Boyer (1979), or Lisa Anderson (1992, 1994-1999)? Is this title about progressive surfing accomplishments? Or should we change the name (since that seems to be the thing to do in professional surfing these days) to something more suitable, like ASP Prom Queen/King?

2013 Winners: Alana and Kelly. Both have contributed about an equal amount to professional surfing... right? Photo courtesy of: http://www.surfermag.com/features/surfer-poll-results/

2013 Winners: Alana and Kelly. Both have contributed about an equal amount to professional surfing… right?
Photo URL: http://www.surfermag.com/features/surfer-poll-results/


At the end of the day, I understand that professional surfing needs the financial support of the major surf brands to survive. Surf brands need to generate profits to survive. In order to generate profits, they have to sell desirable products and market those products desirable ways. That’s just business 101. But is this the reality? Or is “the marketing” actually changing the mentality of “the market”? Is the women’s surf industry promoting the wrong standards and ideals for the up and coming generation of athletes? You decide.

Carissa Moore.

Carissa Moore.

Exciting News Update – Firewire Teamriders Dominate ASP Rio Event 2014!!!



 In unprecedented affirmation of the performance characteristics of Firewire’s parabolic rail, EPS/Epoxy sandwich construction, Firewire teamriders Sally Fitzgibbons and Michel Bourez won their respective divisions at the 2014 Billabong Rio Pro.

This is a very big deal for both Sally and Michel and we are so stoked for them,” said Firewire CEO Mark Price, “and I’m equally stoked for Nev Hyman and our entire product development and production team who continue to produce some of the best performing surfboards in the world”.


The man, they myth, the legend – Mr. Mark Price himself

Price continued, ”When Firewire first came on the scene there was understandably a lot of skepticism about the technology, but I think that today’s result cements Firewire’s credibility as a viable alternative to the traditional center stringer polyester surfboard.  And that bodes well for future development around new materials and construction methods”.


Michel Bourez proving he and his boards have the right stuff

Firewire believes that minor refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboards can only produce incremental performance benefits.  Exponential improvements in performance require the ongoing development of new materials, construction methods and radical shape, which, in turn, will fuel new design success.  In addition, with the increased eco-consciousness of today’s consumer, Firewire is constantly refining our raw materials to decrease the environmental impact of our boards.  Currently our surfboards emit only 2% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that conventional polyurethane boards do throughout their lifespan.


Sally bringing home a win for Firewire

The Dailystoke team has been a strong advocate of Firewire’s technology for years and it was only a matter of time until their boards dominated the podieum.  Congrats to Michel, Sally, Mark, Nev, and the entire Firewire team!  Keep up the inspiring work everyone…







anthony kiedis surfing

Adam Sandler vs. Anthony Keidis Surfing? Celebrikook-i-ness


Adam Sandler Anthony Kiedes SurfingIn this installment of Celebri-kook-i-ness, we give you Adam Sandler and Anthony Keidis kooking out, celebrity style.

We want your vote as to who wins this match up, but we say AK, not AS, hands down.

Not because all of Adam Sandler’s movies suck as of late, but because we have yet to see any evidence that Adam Sandler has actually gotten up and rode a wave.  Plus, Anthony Keidis grew up on the west coast.  Didn’t Adam Sandler grow up in Maine or NH?  It’s not landlocked but it ain’t Cali.

Keidis vs Sandler….Keidis.

Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitaway now vs. that information would have been useful yesterday…..c’mon, give it away, that song can’t be touched.

Look at the skills and the concentration:

anthony kiedis surfing

Show Some Longboarding Vids, Fuel TV



Fuel TV,

I like you-really, I do. I mean, a t.v. channel that focuses on board sports and has commercials saying “Oh well, you just wasted another half hour of your life”? If that doesn’t make me immediately paddle out, I don’t think anything will. Now that you work for me (since I recently acquired DVR), we need to have a quick chat.

Look, the Insane Cinema short movies are amazing. Great music (although, show more of the artist’s name-I want to look them up!) and epic filming of exotic surf spots that serve as inspiration to save my pennies. However, here’s my biggest gripe: you need to show more longboard surfing videos. Simple as that. Is it so much to ask? Hell, show one a week, and I’ll record it. I always turn you on while I’m packing my surfing gear up or waxing my board, so it’d be great to see some longboarding vids. Just balance it out-as much as I love to see groms fly 11 feet in the air on a board about the length of my arm, I’d like to see some maneuvers I can try as well.

Thanks, Fuel TV. No hard feelings-you’re my favorite channel, and no, I don’t say that to all the channels behind your back. Keep it up-just show more longboarding.


soul surfer

Surfing and Localism


No KooksSurfers can be territorial sometimes, especially where I live in Mexico. The locals (not all of them, but a good majority) are constantly yelling at beginner tourists who get in their way. There is this one local who supposedly has been banned from surfing, after pushing people off of their boards and surfing with a weapon to threaten them. The police said if they see him surfing, he’ll be in jail immediately. The craziest situation I experienced was this one day when we had this great swell. There were these two girls who had been bravely learning to surf and had been living in the town for a few months. The waves were throwing them around like rag dolls and I gave them mad props for not giving up. Soon enough, this local guy (who is known to be an a**hole to everyone in town) said something mean to the poor girls and their friend (another local) stood up for them. All of a sudden, I look over and the two guys were going at it in the water. It was mostly the a**hole who was throwing the punches, while the other one (a pretty peaceful guy) was just trying to defend himself as best as he could. Water was splashing everywhere, words were flying and I took the opportunity to catch the great waves that everyone involved in the fight was missing out on. Eventually, they took the fight to shore, where the a**hole was still punching and kicking, while the other one was calmly swatting his fists away like a fly. I was actually happy the a**hole local left the water because he does not surf fairly and was pissing everybody off. All I have to say is, is it ever really worth the fight? C’mon guys!

Surfer gives up surfing too early


Well that just sucks. Saw this on Craigslist Newport beach the other day. Land lover indeed. It’s a sign of the end of summer. Poor ex-surfer gets frustrated at a sport that requires a serious commitment to fail, failure, fail again, can’t paddle fast enough, pearling and other general kookiness. But man when you get over the hump, it’s fantastic. Surfing is orgasmic! Here, our California frustrated surfer dude owns a G&S longboard that he’s hoping to dump for the not-quite-a-bargain price of $750. (Names etc. are hidden to protect the innocent.) Aside from the benefit of non-crowded line ups, we at DailyStoke.com suggest that nobody buy this board, and force the guy to give it a try again. Next summer. And further down the line from us, hehehe. Don’t sell your board, try, try and try again. GET STOKED!

Perils of pearling while “surfing”


Ahh yes. Goat boats. We’re sure it’s quite a rush to surf down the face of a wave in a big mofo of a boat. But, as any kook knows, pearling happens from time to time. It can be rescued. You’ve got to push yourself off of the deck of your board etc. etc. Anyway, that’s a LOT harder to do when you’re surfing with a mammoth, 40 ton boat. Sucks to be, umm, all of them. Serves them right for (probably) taking over the break.

Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard


I came across this bizarre display of ridiculous surf consumerism during a random Google search this morning.  The article was originally published by ABC News on Oct 8, 2004 …the headline screaming: “Intel Shows Off a Web-Surfing Surfboard”…a desperate attempt to save the hi-tech company from the dot.com bubble burst.  Because you wouldn’t believe me if I simply summarized what the article is about, I feel that it is necessary to paste the stupidest part of the article:

“Ralph Bond, a spokesman for Intel, says the company has helped designed a surfboard that contains a fully functional wireless laptop that would allow riders to “Surf the surf and surf the Web at the same time.”

Bond says the one-of-a-kind creation is meant “to show how wireless connectivity to the Internet is really permeating every aspect of our lives.” And while mixing the waves with the Web might sound like an ingenious idea, it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.

Are they on crack?  “Ingenius idea?”  This is possibly the lamest attempt to make a geek brand cool – but please, don’t pull surfing into this one.   It would not have been so outrageous if they had at least used the stand up paddle surfboard as their digital dream quiver.

Sprout: Surfing Movie Review


Recently, my parents (I’m still a lucky Grom who lives with my mom and pop) started subscribing to Netflix, and amazingly enough, they stock a pretty impressive collection of surf movies! One thing led to another, and eventually I opened my mailbox, totally stoked to see “Sprout” waiting patiently for it’s next client, who will no doubt: Pop it into their DVD player, rewind it a few times, pause it for an hour while they do something else, and use as a coaster. “Sprout” is directed and produced by Thomas Campbell, who is pretty well known when it comes to surf movies, and it’s easy to see why. This particular flick is not your average half-an-hour of surf porn, instead it is a lightly narrated, light-hearted feature that captures the essence of soul surfing. Most of the movie is based in Southern California with the likes of Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy, Dave Rastovich, and Rob Machado – among others – where a lot of nose-riding, drop-knee turns, and waist-high point breaks are the norm. The movie also goes to Australia for a while, where the same kind of surfing takes place. There are also instances where the twinny’s and quad’s come into use, and the occasional shortboard. The wave action remains small, that is until the group of surfers head to the East Indies for some more serious surf – while the surfers themselves still remaining light and playful. There are many other locations that you’ll get a glimpse of as well.

If you are open to the retro styles of surfing and enjoy a chill, artsy fartsy movie, you’ll enjoy “Sprout.” And even if you are that mean shredder who will only ride their thruster, you may still like this. Plus, there are a ton of extras worth watching as well.

Surfing Signs — Nothing is Safe


So based on this particular gem of a sign cluster, no matter what the hell you do, you’re farked.

First sign – Top Left. “There’s overhead waves.” You are warned not to be caught inside. Do NOT be caught inside. AHHHHHH! That’s what the surfer is saying. And not only that but it appears his leash broke.

Second sign – “It can get flat around here.” You are hereby warned that if can get flat around here. Do NOT be caught surfing when its flat. AHHH! That’s what the surfer is saying about “Lake Pacific”. That or, he’s saying: “I can’t stand it when it’s flat.”

Third and Fourth Signs – “Locals will throw snowballs at you in the winter. Locals will throw rocks at you in the summer. Either way….”


Surfer with too much time on his hands


We’re all for entrepreneurialism.

But the surfer or non-surfer who conceived off this wine stopper with a surfing edge didn’t really, umm, think about it before making it and selling it on Ebay. This is NOT getting me stoked to drink wine, NOR surf. Not stoked.

The Wave of the Future – Wavepools


The world of Surfing just keeps on expanding. Seems like every year a new way to ride a wave becomes popular. Now technology has come full-circle to offer us a completely new wave to ride. Wavepools are not new, but the process of perfecting the wave and taking ‘Wavepool Surfing’ mainstream has taken a while. I’m still waiting for one to come to my neighborhood while places like the Ocean Dome in Japan are making fantasy a reality with endless rippable waves – on demand! Once Six Flags clues into the phenomenon that is surfing, it won’t be long before we’re surfing in 48 new locations country wide. Don’t want to get skunked on your next surf vacation? Perhaps a roadtrip inland will soon be the ticket.

Foam for thought: The forgotten link


While I was surfing one bright, summer morning, I decided, “It’s only going to be knee-high, so I’ll bring my longboard so I’ll be able to catch the waves.”  That morning the water resembled a mirror, and every so often a sizable stomach-chest high bomb set would roll through.  They were definitely shortboardable, but I had my longboard.  But when I would take a few hard strokes, stand up, and glide down the face, as though caressing the wave, and stay with the beauty of nature almost all the way to the shore, it was the most fun I had had in a while.  I’m not saying that I’m going to go cold-turkey on shortboarding just because of that experience, I still enjoy riding my shortboard and gouging lips, and having the freedom of moving around to anywhere I want on the wave, but sometimes, instead of racing up and down the wave, and accomplishing quick turns, it takes a smoother line, and a conservative approach to be able to see the wave unfolding right before your eyes.  It’ll re-fuel your soul, and keep you from burning out.  What did the ancient Polynesians do?  I bet the way they maneuvered around on a wave was similar to the way a Pelican would glide right above the wave’s face.

I guess my question to you is, why do you surf?  I’m sure that the first time you rode the line, you stared at it in disbelief.  You felt the energy of the wave flow underneath your feet, pushing you up making you feel light as a feather.  I’m not telling you to sell all your shred sticks and buy a log, but I’m just saying that maybe, with all the tricks and maneuvers that the surf industry is making the norm, maybe we should just all take a step back and enjoy the ride every once and a while.



Driving down the highway the other day, early in the morning, I had my surfboards strapped to my surfmobile, looking for surf on what was promising to be a totally fat totally flat day. Passing me was some guys with shiz-eating grins, with a pink and blue softboard on their roof. The passenger sent me a shaka. Ok, fine. Kooky, yes, and it was a bit awkward as I…errr…waved at them. I just felt a bit weird sending them shakas back. But then, I ended up having a fantastic session – I mean – awesome where I just felt great. And so, on my way back, probably because I was totally surfed out, hadn’t eaten breakfast, had a coffee, I was sending everyone – everyone – shakas. Dude on the bike with his stick? Shaka. Old guy headed to the break? Shaka. Is that inapporpriate? Somedays I feel weird – by shaka-ing people. I’m not, afterall, Hawaiian, and I am, afterall, Mr. Kook. What do you think? Stop now?

As always, don’t drop in.

// Mr. Kook

Tandem Surfers: Loved by Themselves, Loathed by Others


What could be better than holding up a female counterpart in a gymnast-like pose while surfing on a wave? Not much. Except maybe getting the barrel of your life, or launching a 360 air – well, that’s what the regular surfers say. They want to do what the tandem surfers do, but they don’t want to commit to riding a longboard and learning how to hold someone up instead of actually surfing. To be honest, there’s nothing really spectacular about tandem surfing. You could do it in any situation: Riding a skateboard, Oh, lets hold someone up while we do it! Rollerblading, yes , we could hold someone up while we do that too! Walking to the grocery store, lets change things up a bit and carry someone on our shoulders! It might be a good thing to do just for variety, but then, like I said above, it’ll take some time (and some skill from the holder-up-ee). And it’s kinda hard to look up while you hold your partner up anyways, so what’s the point?

If you’re a tandem surfer, good for you! You do something that most surfers don’t do!

But there is some elegance, I just don’t like the wave being wasted in such a way.