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If you live in Sydney, quit surfing now


Are you a Sydney surfer looking for a good reason to quit surfing? Are you surf-curious in Sydney and thinking about giving surfing a go? If so, check out the above video for a reminder of what’s lurking out there below the surface.

Granted, there are sharks near enough to every shoreline in the world, but we’re not usually seeing them from the vantage point that shows just how close they get to us while we’re out there in the water. Many of us have seen them, all of us have thought we have seen them at one time or another, and an unfortunate few of us have been attacked by them, but none of us like to think that they could be swimming circles around us and below us while out for a surf. We’re definitely not the kings and queens of the aquatic domain.

Be sure to show this to the next future-kook who tells you that they want to get into the surfboarding thing. Enjoy… and keep your eyes open out there.