The ultimate surfing truck – the Ford Bronco


surfing truckYou may have seen one or two of these puppies running around your local surfbreak, packed in the back with a full quiver and even stand-up paddleboards strapped to the roof! of surfboards. The truck is the Ford Bronco, widely seen as one of the best, most rugged trucks ever made, perfect for off-roading, ahead of its time, and perfect – perfect – for carrying all manner of surfboards. According to, “The long awaited ’78 Bronco was so popular that many people had to wait six months or longer to get one from their local Ford dealers.” It’s like the Toyota Prius today, only less gay!
Indeed, the 1978 Ford Bronco was marketed directly to surfers, as the ad below shows.You’ll see a Mark Richards looking character with what appears to be a 8′ single fin yellow surfboard, complete with surfer chick attached to his arm. Subtle advertising, but clearly effective, as these Ford Broncos are some of the only vintage surf-mobiles rolling around these days. Pictured below is the 1967 Ford Bronco, complete with Harbour surfboards San-O model. Cool!

7 thoughts on “The ultimate surfing truck – the Ford Bronco

  1. Michael Wright

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ll see if I can post a pic of my ’70. Even if the surf doesn’t work out it was a fun drive!

  2. reed woodson

    any more info on this bronco? i need to paint my ’88 bronco II and would love to get in touch with the owner to find out where they had it done and what the exact colors are. it’s looks awesome. my bronco is currently in LA and looking pretty roughed up… thanks.

  3. John Hintlian

    I know it’s no prize winner, but if your going to use my picture at least give some credit, damn.


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