“Never Better” Featuring JJF

"Donnie, what did Roberta Sparrow say to you?"

Totally was not expecting this when I clicked the play button, but this clip rocked and hit every emotional note from nostalgia to psychedelic. The intro momentarily showed a scene from "Donnie Darko", and only if you have seen the movie will you understand the significance of the theme in the video. Right after the intro a sick rap song drops and JJF is busting aerials and ripping in the black and white film background. A lot of people have been hating on this video because of the music choice, I guarantee that JJF and his whole crew along with other 21st century surfers bump rap/hip-hop before they surf. Music choice is personal and should not affect the way you critique a surf video. Everybody rocks out to something different, but I think it is safe to say the rap and hip-hop sound is a part of the surf culture and will be heard whether you like it or not; welcome to "this is how you get hyped before you surf" in the 21st century bro .

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