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DailyStoke Highlights:

  • HIGHLY FOCUSED: DailyStoke is highly focused website dedicated to one thing: surfing
  • PRESENCE: DailyStoke was recently featured in Surfer Magazine as a top blog worth bookmarking (Sep 2009) and competed in Surfer Magazine’s Battle of the Blogs 2010!
  • PARTNERSHIPS: One of our DailyStoke writers, ASP Addict, also contributes to the Action Sports section of

Flexible Advertising Programs to Meet All Budgets:

  • TRADITIONAL ADS:  broad reach advertising in the form of banner, box, and skyscraper ads
  • LINK-BASED ADS:  focused & cost efficient, placed in relevant article(s)
  • CONTESTS & SPONSORSHIPS: contests or giveaways sponsored by advertising company, products featured on front page in our “Free Shiz Giveaways” – the most cost effective advertising available!
  • GET YOUR PRODUCT FEATURED!!  GEAR & PRODUCT REVIEWS: ranks in the top 5 Google searches for Surf Product Reviews.  Products are reviewed by a staff member and featured in an article, but beware, we call it like it is!

Testimonial: “We’re always nervous submitting our surfboards for review. Not because of any lack of confidence in our product, but who knows how much the reviewer really understands about surfboard design, and in particular our technology. Obviously we were stoked on the positive review of the Dominator. But aside from that, clearly the reviewer knew a great deal about surfboard design in general and was able to communicate detailed information in an easily understood manner. I was impressed and I’m sure the average reader benefits a great deal from that.”  -Mark Price, CEO Firewire Surfboards

Testimonial: “The DailyStoke team has provided our clients a platform for high-quality product profiles within the often noisy surf media space.  Professional testing and reviews are carried out in a structured and timely manner, while their creative and entertaining approach has effectively generated valuable exposure.” -Outside PR

Testimonial: “DailyStoke was awesome in their approach to our product review.  In a world where traditional advertising and “product pushing” are less and less relevant, it has been huge for us to have an actual person use, evaluate, and write about our product in an honest and straight-forward way.  We constantly reference our reviews, and having one from such a high profile source as DailyStoke has given our product and brand so much more authority in the surfing world.”  -Elephant Surf

Testimonial:  We at GoScope cannot thank you enough for reviewing our product. Our sales drastically increased once the review hit the web. You gave an excellent third party, no BS, review of the GoScope. Working with reviewers can sometimes be difficult, especially in this market. You and your team made it very simple and provided us with great feedback.  We hope that more start-up companies like GoScope get the great opportunity to work with Daily Stoke. Thank you again for your amazing work and don’t forget to SCOPE IT OUT!  -Kyle Scarola, CEO

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